Gorcums Museum

The historical exhibition of the museum will be renovated. Last months we have been thinking about which pieces and stories should be in the collection and how we will design this. I contributed mainly on how we can connect our history to the present in a contemporary interactive way. This page shows some of the work I did for the museum.

Historical map

Outline drawing of the historical citymap of Gorinchem into a tourguide model.

Gardens of van Barnevelt

Four watercolors need to be exhibited, but because they cannot hang on a wall we need to present them in closed drawers. This is a design proposal I made for a way to exhibit them.

Hugo de Groot

Experience in a book coffin.

Floorplan and visualization of the building

At a couple moments in time we've put together an overview document. To visualize which pieces and stories we can place in the place we have been given. In order to generate more imagination, for example in a pitch document, I sketched a model of the museum so that we can fill in the spaces.